Washing Your Hair Properly

Washing Your Hair Properly

When you get a fresh haircut you should wear it with pride for the rest of the day feeling confident that it was styled by a professional. When it comes to cleaning off the product and styling it yourself there are a couple of good tips to remember. These tips will ensure you are not only washing your hair properly but making sure to keep the head and scalp nice and healthy.

The first best tip is to make sure that the Shampoo you use currently is the best suited to you. Most shampoos are tailored around colour of the hair and effects it has on your scalp, such as Anti-dandruff factors. If you feel like experimenting then by all means, Don’t be scared to buy the bright coloured fruit fragrance ones.

When you are happy you have found “The one” just make sure to add plenty of warm of cold water to the shampoo as you apply it to your head. After wetting and cleaning the hair you can get to drying, this is the part that most people tend to not know some tips. Rubbing your hair with a towel can cause damage to the scalp and hair though it is important that you shake the remaining stray bits of water from your hair and then dry your hair by carefully stroking the towel over it in the same direction that your hair grows.

Avoid if you can using a hairdryer as this will act as a quicker path to a dry scalp that is easily damaged, it also dries up the hair fully when hair should be slightly damp to minimise the amount of possible damage done to the structure of the hair.

Always stay on top of your hair, Length style and colour should all be kept under control unless you are going or a more natural look to an extent. It is important to return regularly to a barbers so that the dead hair or damaged sections can be removed leaving the rest unaffected.

Many people don’t know that cold water showers benefit your hair in terms of grip, shine and moisture. Just something to keep in mind next time you go for a shower as it will relax the structure of the hair keeping it straighter to an extent. A lot of people won’t go for a cold shower no matter the benefits though (good advice none the less).

The last of the tips is to stay as healthy as possible. Your hair is part of your body and so if you treat it well your body will strive and show for it. After awhile of eating better and regular exercise you could see an added shine just make sure to get a good amount of sleep and drink plenty of water to ensure your body can hydrate properly.

We hope these tips and advice have helped you in some way and gave you a closer insight into how everyday things can affect your hair. If you would like to book and appointment with us then you can reach us on 0141 237 7090. Why not like us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news and new styles we have cut for?

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